Annie and Dad

Today, just like Mother’s Day, brings me both joy and sadness. Nine years ago I lost my Dad to the cruel disease that is Diabetes. He was a strong man and fought for so long but this disease strips you down till you cannot fight anymore. Kidney failure, loss of vision and amputation of his legs, to name a few of the of the heartbreaking stages of his illness. Thankfully, there has been some wonderful research into Diabetes which has given those with the disease a far greater fighting chance. I looked up to him when he was alive and I still do today, he was my rock. Happy Father’s Day Daddy, I miss you.

But, as I said today is also a day of joy! Today I celebrate my Father-in-law, he is a man of kindness and caring and I feel very lucky to have him in my life. My husband, what a man, I couldn’t be prouder of the amazing Daddy he is to our two little ones. We made this little video for him today and I want to share it with you, for no other reason but to share the proudness I have in my heart for him.

So today, I would like to wish all the fathers out there a very Happy Father’s Day! The poem, under the video, is beautiful with a very powerful message, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

The Silent Honour In A Father’s Goodness.

This world has seen many fathers
Who have performed many great and noble things.

Strengthened a nation,
Silenced fears,
Relieved suffering
And changed the course of history.

Yet the most great and noble father I have known
Lives within the walls of my own home.
He performs no extraordinary tasks,
No miraculous feats;
He just does what is right because
It is right.

He needs no adulation,
No praise or glory of men.
He just goes about doing good because
That is how it makes him feel.

But there are those that see his goodness.
They are his children.
Indeed, they may not always see
But they know
That this silent honor is what they will pass on
To their children.

They know that true greatness needs no praise
It is found in the day-to-day living of unwearied goodness
They have seen their father give.
Such goodness is truly a remarkable thing,
Far greater than any glory found in the annals of history.
For one day the child will say:
‘He is my father’
And know it is an honour.

– By: Joseph Jensen, 2004 –